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Thread: how I can show this social media layer

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    how I can show this social media layer

    I saw on the website http://www.kreativ-konzept.com/ a very nice social media feature.
    On mouse over comes up a new layer or window and shows the sharing buttons.

    Does anybody know how I can develop this nice window or layer?


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    Nice idea, but how are mobile users going to access the sharing buttons?

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    It also works on mobile devices ('ve tested with a samsung galaxy).
    Does anybody have an Idea how I can realize this feature?

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    i liked it and the good part is it is responsive which gives it a very good look but why cant i see social media icons in it?

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    Their is no social media layers found on this website

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    There iks no layer used for this mouse hover social media icons, they have instead used an iframe for this purpose. But I don't think using iframes is good for SEO purpose as it makes website heavy and slow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasonsmith21 View Post
    But I don't think using iframes is good for SEO purpose as it makes website heavy and slow.
    Sadly, EVERY social media plugin uses iFrames -- even facebooks alleged HTML 5 and FBXML versions actually just use javascript to make an iframe. They do so to get around the cross-site policy in most browsers since you can't JS or Ajax across domains in a reliable fashion.

    I do wish they used OBJECT instead, but again OBJECT was originally supposed to be to replace APPLET and IFRAME in 4 Strict, it's why EMBED wasn't accepted into the specification, and we were allegedly supposed to by the next HTML version stop using IMG as well in favor of object.

    Which of course is why the train wreck of pointless bull known as HTML 5 backpedalled on that, accepted EMBED into the spec for no good reason, and added the pointlessly idiotically redundant AUDIO and VIDEO tags.

    That said, the page in question just looks like a normal hover state / dropdown. You do know how to use :hover in your CSS, right? If I was implementing that I'd just set the inner "window" type div to position:absolute, and the outer div to overflow:hidden; When you add :hover on the parent just set it to overflow:visible and poof, that dropdown shows up.

    ... and please, don't copy their gibberish use of a H4.

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    Oops, didn't notice this was a pointless poster magnet bump.

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