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Thread: How to get src value of image clicked on

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    Unhappy How to get src value of image clicked on

    I'm sure I've done this before, but I can't find where it is... I have a photo album with images whose names end with _Thumb. I then have those same images in the full size without the _Thumb. What I want to do is to have a link on the _Thumb images to call a Javascript. That function would then take the source of the image that was clicked and strip out the _Thumb to get the full size image name. How do I code the javascript to get the src of the selected image?

    I've tried using this.src in the function, but I get the value "undefined". I also tried using an onclick event instead of a normal a href, and it still doesn't work.


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    Show some code that you have attempted.
    Perhaps it works but you have a syntax or typo error.
    Make it brief, if possible.

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    I just figured out my problem. I had forgotten to use event.srcElement. Instead, I was just using this.src. So now I have:
    function changeImg() {
    var clickedImg = event.srcElement.src;
    var mainImg = document.getElementById("mainImg");
    var newImg = clickedImg.substr(0, clickedImg.indexOf(".")-6); //Take of _Thumb.jpg
    mainImg.src = newImg+".jpg";

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    you can use Jquery and get many values from object.
    If get value of src, you can use attribute "attr"

    See example on this:



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