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Thread: Can anyone help me please.

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    Can anyone help me please.

    Hi, I have built my own website to sell a product I invented. The problem I have is I set up account with paypal for my checkout.i have spent about eight hours or more on the phone to customize my checkout button and still no answer. I am a construction worker and an inventor not a specialist when it comes to these matters. I need professional help because I can't get it with paypal. My problem is with the one add to cart button or pay now button I can offer this product for different prices. But nobody can do it. My product price, one to 50 for 10$, 51 to 100 for 9$ and 100 to 500 8$. I we'll pay expert to help me solve this problem. Can someone tell me my best options.don't want someone to spend hrs at this and I pay and still not get it done. Please please help. I don't Need help how to do it just help to fine someone that can. I we'll pay,

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    Don't be worry my dear just log on to "w3school" it will surely guide you

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    I can help u, wich is your website address? write me jn.perez[at]outlook[dot]com

    In my site i have some bottoms like the one u want, check it and i'll wait 4 ur message...

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