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Thread: Android for Laptop

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    Android for Laptop

    Google should come with Android for Laptop
    Android market going day by day bigger and bigger and those who are using laptops and desktops they are not able to use android Android promises good internet future so that should on Laptop as well
    Is there any possibility in near future having android in laptop

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    For laptop, Android OS is not good for it. Android OS is not capable of running most of the useful applications of Windows OS.

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    If this happen, I'll still go for Windows..
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    I found this could be helpful to you: http://community.giffgaff.com/t5/Blo...p/ba-p/3705361.

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    you cannot expect more productivity from android apps for laptop as long as 99 percent of people have been growing Using Windows and Macintosh and they have performed pretty well indeed.
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    Hmmmm, it might be a clever Idea but I think there will be some advantages and disadavantages for it, compatibility issues might arise also.
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