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Thread: Indexed DB inconsistant offline

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    Indexed DB inconsistant offline

    I have a pretty complex web application that must be accessible offline so for the local storage i decided to go with the indexed db api. However there is one major problem, it seems to be very inconsistent when you run the site locally. Everything works great when accessed from the web server but not locally. Can anyone shed some light on this? Offline access is a critical requirement.

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    it would help if you were to provide an example of what "the DB Api" is.

    What offline support do you have or does it need, does it need a web server or any other localised support features?
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    See below Indexed DB API

    The entire web app should be accessible locally via directly opening the index.html file etc. It syncs with a webservice initially and from then on can be used without a connection. then after a day of work, the application can upload the contents of the local database to our webservice.

    I believe i have found my solution in using html5's application cache however i have run into another problem because in some cases i navigate from page to page using javascript... see this post:

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