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Thread: Future of Internet

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    Future of Internet

    What is the future of internet

    in last 10 years internet enters everywhere touches every industry
    earlier we though it will only provide us information but internet shows all of us wrong and today without internet world market will shutdown now every sector like banking , medical , share market , entertainment industry all major industry dependent on internet. from now we can only imagine how far internet will go the day will come we will use free internet through satellite channels hope so

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    Every Person connect the internet and I am agree with your post Thanks for update.

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    One thing is for sure, more and more people will be using Internet.

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    In our time nowadays that almost all stuff and all things can be found on the internet, can be done through internet, for sure it will just going to be developed and improved. We'll surely going to expect more.
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    This is what we called innovation Expect also a rise of mobile/smartphones
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    Country like India is having only 12% internet users just imagine when it will grow to 60% to 70%
    hope it will cross till 2025

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    Internet is in fast phase of development. Internet is now on our mobile. Who knows, Internet will be use also in vehicles to power up the security features of it.

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