I'm just trying to validate that a radio button is checked. I know this is quite basic but I'm not able to get what I'm looking for. For some reason my code only works when the 1st option is checked but when the 2nd option is checked it behaves as if none of them was marked.
I'm pretty new to JavaScript so I can't find out what's wrong in my code.
Thank you for your help.

My code is:


<script language="javascript">
	function validacionArea2() {
	var surgical = document.getElementsByName("surgical");
	var surgicalcheck = false;
	for(var i=0; i<surgical.length; i++) {    
		if(surgical[i].checked) {
			surgicalcheck = true;
			alert('hay alguno seleccionado')
		} else {
			alert('no hay ninguno seleccionado')




				<div class="label3">Surgical procedures?</div>
				<input type="radio" class="bigradio" name="surgical" value="a"><label>a</label>	
				<input type="radio" class="bigradio" name="surgical" value="b"><label>b</label>
				<input type="button" onclick="validacionArea2()"