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Thread: An Interpreting Agency Website...

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    An Interpreting Agency Website...

    I'd like for you to review a website that I basically took over and I'd appreciate a through evaluation and hard-core feedback no matter how insulting it is, the best part about this site is...I didn't develop this site! Basically the last developer that did this site took way too long and did it at the last minute then just left it as it is, I did some updating and modernizing a little bit, I'm currently working on a more CSS version of this site so that it's more mobile friendly (A mobile version of this is in the works!) I am begging you to give me the most honest review/feedback on this site. I will not be mad or feel insulted from your feedback and hold nothing against you. I PROMISE! The funny thing is I actually enjoy taking honest feedback because after all feedback is a learning experience that helps me evolve to be a better webmaster.

    The site to be evaluated that is actually managed by me is at http://www.deaf-interpreter.com/

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    Since your website is for the hearing impaired you'll definitely want to use the web accessibility tool and the web accessibility checker. You'll find several errors that should be fixed.

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    I'm definitely going to use those links, thank you so much kralcx

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