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Thread: Need help with objects.

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    Question Need help with objects.

    I'm having difficulty with objects.

    I'm using dojo chart to create a chart.

    If I assign the chart directly. completes successfully.

    var chartObject = {};
    addGraphXaxis(chartObject )
    function createchart(){
      chartObject = new Chart("cns_chartNode1");
    function addGraphXaxis(iChart){
      try{iChart.addSeries('Customer Port', data);}catch(err){}
    If I change the create function to return the chart. Then I get a TypeError: iChart is undefined in the addGraphXaxis function.

    chartObject = createchart("cns_chartNode1")
    function createchart(iNodeName){
      wChart = new Chart(iNodeName);
      return wChart;
    Any ideas as to what is going on? I'm fairly new to javascript.

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    DoJo being a frame work, try asking in the JavaScript Frameworks forum.
    --> JavaScript Frameworks like JQuery, Angular, Node <--
    ... and please remember to wrap code with forum BBCode tags:-

    [CODE]...[/CODE] [HTML]...[/HTML] [PHP]...[/PHP]

    If you can't think outside the box, you will be trapped forever with no escape...

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