Thousands of websites are deployed on the internet daily, Many web designers prefer to build websites from ground up over the use of premium templates. Majorly the prompt to do this is the fact that many customers want customized websites! What can be done to remedy this, Templates are in millions and so any design your client would want must have occurred at least once in template directories. The templates can be modified easily and is faster than building from scratch, The faster you finish a jobs- the more money you would make as a designer. This method is also used by many big Web Site design companies, although some of the now have their own template portfolios. Examples are (leaders in Web design, India) (leaders in web design, Nigeria)
and countless numbers of web site companies.

So where can we find elegant templates?
There are many template portfolios in the world but the biggest of the them all is the Evanto market, that support many different templates, including CMS, ecommerce, photoshop, etc

For html, wordpress, cms, muse, cms, ecommerce templates visit:
For web programming in php for building web applications visit:
For Stock images to beautify your designs visit:
For Grahpics, Vectors and Icons visit:

How to search the template that fits your customers desire?
Go to the template directories above, type his description with one word in the search. e.g. if he wants a vertical menu site, you can type vertical, if he wants the site simple, you can type simple.
Send him the screen shot of about 5 to select from, Trust me he would want all 5, but he would love 1!

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