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Thread: Javascript : How to read web page content

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    Unhappy Javascript : How to read web page content

    I am new in javascript. How to read the current url and then read the contents of the current page. Eventually, I want to count the frequency of words in the current web page.

    var currentPageUrl = "";
    if (typeof this.href === "undefined") {
    currentPageUrl = document.location.toString().toLowerCase();

    else {
    currentPageUrl = this.href.toString().toLowerCase();


    I used the above code to get the current page URL. So what is the next step? By the way, when I ran this script using eclipse, it just shows nothing on the page with the local browser url. How can I read (e.g www.wiki.com) page and count the frequency of words of that page. Any idea! Help, please!


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    If you're talking about about using javascript to download a page from any site and then manipulating the content the short answer is that you can't really do this from a browser. The page itself would have to contain the code needed to do this. You can't inject the script into a page fetched from a foreign domain that you do not control. Browser powered Javascript is not going to help you, although you could do this with node.js fairly simply, but that doesn't run from the browser.

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