I need someone to help me build my website for my business. I want to do a full redesign of the site. It is a computer support / IT help desk site if that matters. I am open to using anything from straight programming like HTML/PHP/ASP to joomla, drupal, wordpress.

I have a position open within the company for a successful canidadte and will be required to work on all the websites that we host and are hired to create. This could become a full time job very quickly if you are interested. If you only want to do the site redesign that is fine as well, that is TOP priority at the moment as it needs to be done ASAP.

When you reply please tell me what languages you code in, how long you have been coding and links to a portfolio or sites you have worked on before. Also please let me know where you are located and a good number to reach you. Please include you asking price or hourly rate for work.

Thank you.