Hi, I have this code to create a number of select, each one with a number of options. Now, let's say for example that I have 5 select (name=1,2,3,4,5), I don't understand what I should do to pass the values to the next php page (where they will be stored into a db)

for($i=1;$i<=$_POST['numeroComponenti'];$i++){ // create (example) 5 select
    $res=mysql_query("SELECT DISTINCT nomeArte FROM cantante ORDER BY nomeArte ASC",$con);
    echo"Cantante $i
        <form action='addCantanti2.php' method='post'>
        <select name='[$i]'>"; //1,2,3,4,5
            for($n=0;$n<$length;$n++){ //creates all the options for each select
                echo"<option value='$Autors[$n]'>$Autors[$n]</option>";
            <input type='hidden' name='nomeGruppo' value='$_POST[nomegruppo]'></input>
            <input type='hidden' name='numCant' value='$_POST[$i]'></input>
I guess I should make an array into the next page where I can store the 5 names of the 5 select and for each one I should then take the selected value. But honestly I'm really lost on this. Can you help me?