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Thread: Photoshop Javascript - get word from external file

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    Lightbulb Photoshop Javascript - get word from external file

    The script below is recorded with Photoshop's script listner. It searches the document for the word "Sun" and replaces it with the word "Moon".

    My question: how to get the replacement word, "Moon", from an external .txt file? Thank you!

    // =======================================================
    var id1 = charIDToTypeID( "Opn " );
    var desc1 = new ActionDescriptor();
    var id2 = charIDToTypeID( "null" );
    desc1.putPath( id2, new File( "C:\\document.psd" ) );
    executeAction( id1, desc1, DialogModes.NO );
    // =======================================================
    var id3 = stringIDToTypeID( "replace" );
    var desc2 = new ActionDescriptor();
    var id4 = charIDToTypeID( "null" );
        var ref1 = new ActionReference();
        var id5 = charIDToTypeID( "Prpr" );
        var id6 = stringIDToTypeID( "replace" );
        ref1.putProperty( id5, id6 );
        var id7 = charIDToTypeID( "TxLr" );
        var id8 = charIDToTypeID( "Ordn" );
        var id9 = charIDToTypeID( "Al  " );
        ref1.putEnumerated( id7, id8, id9 );
    desc2.putReference( id4, ref1 );
    var id10 = charIDToTypeID( "Usng" );
        var desc3 = new ActionDescriptor();
        var id11 = stringIDToTypeID( "find" );
        desc3.putString( id11, "Sun" );
        var id12 = stringIDToTypeID( "replace" );
        desc3.putString( id12, "Moon" );
        var id13 = stringIDToTypeID( "checkAll" );
        desc3.putBoolean( id13, true );
        var id14 = charIDToTypeID( "Fwd " );
        desc3.putBoolean( id14, false );
        var id15 = stringIDToTypeID( "caseSensitive" );
        desc3.putBoolean( id15, true );
        var id16 = stringIDToTypeID( "wholeWord" );
        desc3.putBoolean( id16, false );
       var id17 = stringIDToTypeID( "findReplace" );
       desc2.putObject( id10, id17, desc3 );
        executeAction( id3, desc2, DialogModes.NO );

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    You might be better asking in a Photoshop web forum.
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