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Thread: Help needed with php form that needs to parse xml string

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    Help needed with php form that needs to parse xml string

    I am maintaining a website that gives insurance quotes online. Some of the quotes are offered by a third party and in this case I need to create a form that parses a xml string to the third party and returns a xml string to the website to display the quote.

    I am mostly a designer but I know how to create a form in php or html. The website is based on CMSMS and I use a module Formbuilder to create the forms. I have no idea however how to have a form send xml to a third party provider.

    This is what I got as an instruction and unfortunately the third party doesn't want to provide any more help

    "We provide an XML web service for quotes. You will need to design a form, create an xml string with the inputs given by the user in the format our service expects and call our web service. You will then get an XML message back which you would need to parse and use to create your results page."

    I also got a word document with the xml in it and a sample php document. Here an example of the form in action on another insurance company's website http://www.invesco.ie/products/life-...uote-form.aspx

    I am looking for someone that can help me with this. I prefer not to post the files I got because of security issues, so if I could resolve this with someone who is willing to help through email I would be delighted. If needed, my client is willing to pay for this.

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    i think i can help you my email is ajchavarria@gmail.com

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