I'm currently using a script on an ecommerce website that shows or hide a free shipping stamp based on a number(price) in the search results. Initially the stamp shows for all products and i hide it where necessary. My problem is, the script reads from the 'regular price' and will display the stamp accordingly, but i have products with promotions that hides the regular price and displays the promo price then bringing the actual price of the product under the appropriate limit and i can't figure out a way to hide the free shipping stamp on those particular items.

I'm using the following to remove the tag if the price goes under 99, but with my hackish promotion price display(hidden divs that display based on a certain class, i.e. clearance25, which displays a 25% off price), i cant figure out how to read that post load promo price display to apply the function as needed. I've tried replicating this script and applying it to the promo price div to no avail. Any suggestions as to how i can read a divs numerical contents post load and hide the stamp? I'm a beginner when it comes to jquery so help in layman's terms would be helpful. im not sure this is even the most efficient way to do this, if you have any other suggestions that would be great.

 $('#results-table .redprice, #pp-wrap #big-price span').each(function(){
	var $this = jQuery(this);
	var number=$this.html();
		if(number > 50){$this.parents('div.grid3wrapper, div.list3wrapper, #pp-wrap').addClass('over50');}
		if(number > 99){$this.parents('div.grid3wrapper, div.list3wrapper, #pp-wrap').addClass('over99');}
		if(number < 99){$this.parents('div.grid3wrapper, div.list3wrapper, #pp-wrap').addClass('under99').removeClass('freeshipping');}
Thank you.