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Thread: Jquery ui slider problem

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    Jquery ui slider problem

    Hi all,

    First off i will apologise if my code is a bit messed up but its my first shot at complex (in my view) javascript on my own. i am having problems with the result divs picking up the slider values properly. It almost works except when you change direction on the slider the first step counts in the wrong direction. I'm sorry if i am not being very clear i don't really know how else to explain it.

    Here is the fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/swinky/bYN8g/
    and fullscreen : http://jsfiddle.net/...mbedded/result/

    Hope you can help,


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    Sorry i should have said the output on the label "Saving from quitting smoking" doesn't add up the slider values properly.

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    Try asking in the JQuery (JavaScript Frameworks) forum
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    Thank you i will ask to have this moved.

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    Anybody? I still cant get my head around it.

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