I would very much appreciate some help towards my current task.

Colour Coordinated: Green = Achieved, Orange = Half working, Red = Unable to yet achieve results

User fills in 3rd party Joomla Extension Form, (RSForms Pro),
User Clicks Submit,

(the next events should occur as a background process)

Form data is sent to the PHP script,
Form data is passed variables,
Authenticate the connection to google calendar,
Send an INSERT EVENT call to google calendar,
End the session,

Void the Token,
(Next event is the next GUI seen by user)
Navigate the user to the homepage.

If you want to see my current version of the script I have placed it on one of my subdomains: My current script

I understand it may be difficult to grasp the concept, so here's some additional info:

The Required Process:

Name, Description, DateFrom, DateUntil,
Using Google API v3 and a Service Account...
Take the data as variables,
Authenticate by use of a service account,
Post the data to Google calendar so an event is created,
The user is redirected back to the home page,

So far:

I have managed to get the data added to a Google calendar but using OAuth2.0 and without a service account,
this is a problem, as it requires the user to login to Google and to 'Accept' the message presented with a consent screen,
I am looking to bypass the consent screen in order to complete the entire process as a background process.

I have made a YouTube video of my current working progress with OAuth2.0: YouTube Video
I have also started a Google group discussion if you are interested in contributing: Group discussion

Any Help is Greatly Appreciated!