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Thread: dynamically data update in client side

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    dynamically data update in client side

    hai to everybody,
    I am new to java script i have a problem regarding to dynamically created check boxes. I have no orders in my catalog there rare two dynamically created deliver and undelivered check boxes for each order if any one select check boxes and click deliver button they are sent to database there status updated
    and in the front end that orders check boxes only hide the deliver check boxes and only display the undelivered check boxes without page reload how can I achieve that please help me. how can I pick that check boxes.I am sending order ids to the database to update deliver status in database...
    Thanks in advance

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    is it possible to re-word and elaborate a bit more on your question?


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    If I understand your question, you want to create checkboxes in pairs of "deliver" and "undelivered" for each item to be displayed. When the user clicks on, say, deliver, then it is hidden from view. If that's what you want, then try out the following.

    HTML Code:
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    		<script type = "text/javascript">
    			function showOrHide(x) {
    				 <!-- x.parentNode.style.display = "none"; hides it but doesn't seem like a great idea to me -->
    				 x.parentNode.style.color = "blue"; <!-- seems better -->
    		<form action = "somepage.php" method = "post">
    			<label for = "box1">Deliver item 1
    			<input type = "checkbox" id = "box1" name = "box1" value = "deliverbox1" onClick = "showOrHide(this)" /></label>
    			<br />
    			<label for = "box1Un">Undelivered item 1
    			<input type = "checkbox" id = "box1un" name = "box1" value = "undeliveredbox1" onClick = "showOrHide(this)" /></label>
    			<br />
    			<input type = "submit" value = "OK" />
    Tossing in my 2 cents, it doesn't seem like a great idea to hide the checkbox when the user clicks it in case they want to change their option, click on the wrong thing, and so forth, is to have them reload the page or use AJAX. It would be better to

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