I'll make this quick and to the point. Please excuse any ignorance I might show in the below question.

Did a lot of research on which service to use to create a website. I am not a web developer or designer and have very limited coding knowledge. Downloaded services like Dreamwaver, too advanced for me, installed RapidWeaver, read there will be a lot of cost involved in getting all the extras. Researched worpress, wix, weebly and read about other websites that offer similar service. For somebody that is a novice in website building but is not afraid to learn (on something that is intuitive and doesn't require code knowledge) and does not want something that will limit me in the future as my knowledge grows what should I use for:

-my business website(I do not want to create a blog) -ability to use the website on different platforms (mobile and web) -let's me play around the website as much as possible - easy to use

I hope this made sense. My head is really spinning from everything I read. So much to learn and just hard to wrap my head around all kinds of different solutions offered. Any, and I mean any, knowledgable advice is very appreciated as is your time to read what I wrote and effort put in replying.

Thank you,