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Thread: What process do you go through when dealing with a customer?

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    What process do you go through when dealing with a customer?

    I've got my website set up now using wordpress.

    I am probably going to get some customers soon when I get my website to the top of Google. I need to get some more backlinks and then I should be somewhere around the first page.

    I was wondering, what process do you go through with customers to make sure that the business goes well? I need a set plan of what to say when dealing with a customer.

    For example,

    1.They contact you.
    2.You go over what they want in their design.
    3.You give them ideas.
    4. When they're happy with your ideas you start building it.
    5.When you're done you ask them if their is anything else they'd like.
    6.You arrrange a payment, I'm not sure how I'm going to do that.

    It's been about 2 weeks since I got the website so I'm still trying to figure out if their is anything else I need to do, I don't want to get a bad reputation for doing a bad job.

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    Somewhere after number 4....things to think about....

    a. get some up front money - also depends on who controls the hosting. If you have full control and can take the site down for non payment - you might not need a much upfront money.

    b. give them access to the site when possible so you can fix things as they find them

    c. both parties should want a legal binding contract outlining time frames to completion and exactly what is expected by both parties.
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    I would generally always work with some kind of early payment, you could do upfront but this could scare clients off.

    What I would suggest is something along the lines of this:

    Design agreed = First third of payment.
    Initial build complete = second third of payment.
    Website agreed finished by yourselves and the client = final payment.

    It's nice because it keeps the client moving and trying to get everything completed and sent to you because they have already paid out some money and it gives you some security. It also doesn't scare them off by paying someone money for something they haven't seen yet.

    Good luck!

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