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Thread: Animated GIF and Transparency Trouble

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    Animated GIF and Transparency Trouble

    I am pulling my hair out.

    Lets say I have an Image which is a white circle on a black background.

    I am going to place on a page that has a black background.

    I save the file as a GIF file and set the Black area to transparent. I could just save as solid and would still just see a white circle either way if I place on my page with a black background and I was not going to animate. I am making the black transparent as I am going to "animate" teh white region only.

    Now I open in Image Ready to create an animated GIF. I create another layer which is 100% transparent and then create my animation with two frames. The first is the 'white circle' image and the 2nd is the all transparent image. I tween say 10 frames.

    I save this image and place on a page.

    I expect that what will happen is that the white dot will slowly disappear. But what happens is that the white dot just stays on the screen and does not "disappear". The animaton previews fine in Image Ready.

    I remember reading somewhere that maybe a previous image does not get replaced (refreshed) when an animation occurs unless....

    Please help and I will be glad to share a URL with anyone willing to explore this with me.

    thanks - dan
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