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Thread: .NET for softphone development

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    .NET for softphone development

    Hi there,

    I'm a .net developer and I prefer C#. But I'm a bit confused about finding the best SDK for building a SIP softphone. I have never developed any VoIP application before.
    Can anybody recommend me a software for this?

    During searching and learning about this topic, I have found an SDK called Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK and I read its softphone development documentation: http://voip-sip-sdk.com/p_333-voip-s...ment-voip.html It sounds good, but I need some confirmation from you, guys. Does anybody have any experience about this software? Or what else can be used to create a softphone?

    Thanks, guys, thank you so much

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    Hello Jacob, I use this SDK. If you ask me, you -as a .NET developer -found the best VoIP SIP SDK. I have been using that for about a year and a half and it works well for me. The softphone that I developed with Ozeki's SDK has been installed on my colleagues' PCs, and we use that for internal communication. So I can say we 'test' it every day and no problems with it. I extended my softphone with call recording feature ([URL="http://voip-sip-sdk.com/p_406-voip-media-handling-voip.html"]http://voip-sip-sdk.com/p_406-voip-media-handling-voip.html[/ URL]) in order to improve my sales force.

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