Good morning,

I have not done a website in years, but used to be able to make a decent one. I work in HTML as that is what I can remember. I need to design a website that has a registration / login, pages that have "tests" or quizes. Then automatically grade those "tests" and give a score. So First I know I need a database to compare the login and password to. I have access to access 2010. Can I use this or do I need a different database? If there is a tutorial for for constructing quizes and automating the correcting of such that would be great. I also need a way to not only accept payment, but grant the login at registration when the payment is accepted, and only grant to certain "modules" depending on payment and selection of service.

Sounds like a lot, and I may have bit off more then I can chew, but any help would be great.

Thank you