I have been tasked with building a repository of sorts for end users. The concept is simple: It's an internal site people will use to look up information; it will be text heavy.

The layout I want is a left-hand menu, a top banner/header, and then the area where content is displayed. The menu and banner should be static and clicking links will open in the content section.

I can do the site with frames, but I would rather not as looking ahead, the site will be large with many pages that will be constantly updated.

That said, CSS seems to be my solution, I think. However, I have limited resources and have no real domain/server tools so PHP and other server-side items are an option. I do not even have an editor other than Notepad as my workstation is locked down.

Given my lack of resources and my limited web dev knowledge (I'm self-taught; I can learn new concepts easily enough), is there any "clean" way I can create this site without worrying about having to update lots of pages manually when changes are needed?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.