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Thread: help needed. thanx

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    Lightbulb help needed. thanx

    dear all. good day

    i am new in here and i have an idea which i believe it's great idea for website and it can be very profitable business and it genuine i don't think there is any website doing same thing.
    the thing is all i have is my idea and the way to manage it and have a lot of experience in the marketing that's all i have i don't know how to program i don't have any money for the marketing
    so i need your help with youe experience with such things in where i can get found or find partners!

    thank you very much for reading any suggestions would be appreciated

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    If it's truly a great idea with a good chance of making money, then you're going to need to spend money to make money. If you don't have enough money to get it going, then you need to find someone (or many someones) who do, and convince them to invest in your idea (and they, of course, will want processes in place to make sure you are using their money in good faith). This is how the business world works in general. Yes, sometimes a few people get together with just an idea, work on it in their spare time, and eventually launch a successful business -- but that's really pretty rare, and it's hard to get to market quick that way and get noticed unless you're really, really good and/or really, really lucky.

    But whichever way you go, make sure you get a good non-disclosure agreement, and have anyone who is interested in your project sign it before you start telling them all about this great idea. (And if it's truly an original idea, consider seeing if it can be patented.)
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