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Thread: Hi All, How i build my own web site

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    Understanding data and control structures and design patterns does matter very much.

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    First, you need to know your goals on why you'd want to have a website. Is this for a client, a blog of yours, or your portfolio site? Speaking of HTML & CSS tutorial, look no further, learn for free by signing up at https://courses.tutsplus.com/courses...learn-html-css It's not gonna take a month. It took me within a week to get the hang of it. Once you've known a bit of HTML & CSS, you may want to consider using CMS (Content Management System) to make your life easier. Don't reinvent the wheel and start from scratch. I would recommend using WordPress (http://wordpress.org). For a quick tutorial on how to use WP, sign-up to this free tutorial provided by WPBeginner at http://videos.wpbeginner.com/ All the best!

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    Some steps to how to build a website may be these steps help you. And also first you have to decided what kind of website you want to make then this suggestion help you to design your website.

    1. Get your domain name because it is the most important part of your website.
    2. Choose a web host and sign up for an account.
    3. Designing your web pages.
    4. Testing your website.
    5. Collecting credit card information, Making money.
    6. Getting your site noticed.

    These are the basic steps..

    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evgeniy View Post
    Hi Guys,

    Thank you for your support,
    But I still dilemma what to choose from a variety of options,
    Intend to take or something from GOOGLE OPEN SOURCE or from other templates,
    And I was going to use UI CONTROLS OF TELERIC,does this make sense to you guys?
    My goal to build a small and flexible ERP application, which later I can adapt it to various customers.
    Because I'm newbie to the FRONT END and INTERNET FREELANCE, I wanted to consult you, is acceptable to help each other.
    For example I am an expert on SERVER SIDE, NET DEVELOPER, DATABASE and I can help someone in his project is less strong in these areas but strong in FRONT END ,and he make it help me in my project some of the UI?

    Thanx ,
    Regards , Evgeniy.
    I think you are expecting too much. In my opinion, no one can answer these questions for you. The best advice I can give is: Just start building web sites with whatever tools you choose, and see whether they work for you.

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    You can try wordpress CMS it is simple and easy.

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    Hi, if you are a 'backend' developer and have experience of the .net framework I would very much recommend using ASP .NET. There will be parts of it you will be familiar with and you can download a free version of Visual studio to develop websites (although not commerically) from Microsoft.

    There are loads of resource on the internet with regards to tutorials and demos, this would be a good chance for you to learn something new that would be useful in the future.


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    You can also build your website using css like wordpress or joomla. You can easily develop your website by css. No need for the programming.

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    If you are seeking for learning web design and development then learn through w3cschools

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    I suggest you to go with a CMS software.Since you are newbie as a front-end development,I would suggest you wordpress website.

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