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Thread: I accepted a "web maintenance" job, but Client wants more. How much to charge?

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    I accepted a "web maintenance" job, but Client wants more. How much to charge?

    A local business put an ad in the local paper asking for someone to help with web maintenance.. Here is a quote from the ad

    "help with website upkeep. Website is up so are goal is to find someone that can help with updating and occasionally changing webpages."

    Pay was supposed to be $8-$10 based on experience..

    I got the job..

    I assumed based on my resume I would be making $10 an hour. (over 5 years of html/css experience, fluent in javascript, ect)

    That was my first mistake.. Ends up he is paying me 8 an hour, BUT I am doing more than web design.. Here are a list of things I have been asked (and have been) doing.

    -logo design -Pamphlet design -updating website (Given) -3d rendering of property -Creating new buttons -Creating a program to keep track of hours -Re design website. (I suggested this because the website wasn't that great)

    How much should I be getting paid?

    How should I tell him I am under paid?

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    Ouch. I think you made a mistake in assuming what the pay would be, and, to some extent you will have to live with that. You should have got it in writing. So what can you do?

    1. Make yourself valuable to the company by doing your job better than it was done before.

    2. Ask for a performance review. At the review ask what you would need to do to justify $10/hr? Get an agreed, specific, list of objectives IN WRITING with agreed review dates.

    3. Keep a written record of your progress against every target, and have it agreed at each review.

    4. At the final review, the facts should speak for themselves.

    5. Above all else - keep a positive attitude.

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