Hey guys whats up? I have a couple of questions. I downloaded Sharetonix, open source micro blogging script. There are a couple of things im looking to change to the way I want it:

Have the feed load automatically when a user posts instead of having to refresh page
On facebook,twitter,linkedin, the activity feed auto loads. On this script it doesn't. I have to refresh the page for it to show up. My guess is i have to add in a cron job?

Change where it says "last online", to "latest followers" online
On the main dashboard page when the user logs in it shows the users who where last online. I want to change it for when one member "follows" another member it shows his/her followers instead of all users.

Suggested Followers
On the main dashboard I would like to put a "suggested followers" box. Even if the "suggested followers" are random users, users with the most "favorites" or comments. Have no clue where to start with that.

Heres the documentation:


Code structure:


Thanks You