I'm starting a new t-shirt company and while i'm doing the designs for the t-shirts, I need help with the website. As far as the type of website, HTML, Wordpress, etc is fine, as long as it functions the way I'm intending. Since I'm fluent in Photoshop and Illustrator I could help with some of the aspects of the site.

I'm using the Buy Me Brunch site (www.buymebrunch.com) and their shirts (although not as vulgar) as a template as to how simple I want my designs and my site to be. I will need to incorporate all the latest stuff for an e-commerce site, ie twitter feed, shopping cart, etc.

I'd like to limit my openings to the US to avoid overseas calling/emailing and so we can make changes and discuss details in realtime.

Ideally my budget is $1000-$1500, but we can discuss it further.

Thanks in advance!