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Thread: e-Commerce / Magento webshop review

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    e-Commerce / Magento webshop review

    Hi guys,

    we have recently made this site www.tim.pl along with the 2 mobile apps for both iOS and Android. We do have an opinion about it, but was hoping to hear your feedback. Im asking mainly about the design/layout since you probably won't get too deep into it due to single language available.

    Scale 0-10? Looking forward to hearing your comment. Thanks

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    Wow. That's a super busy site. On my 0-10 scale, I start with an baseline of 5 then upgrade or downgrade from there. I've never seen a "10" site. That being said, I'd give your site a 3.5. Maybe a 3.

    There are things that are good with it -- like how well it works, but here's why I downgraded it:
    - When you mouse over the tabs and have the dropdown menu, even with the yellow outline, it still looks too much like the rest of the page. Having a semi-transparent overlay over the rest of the page would help that. Normally, it wouldn't be an issue, but the dropdowns are so large that it blends with the rest of the page. And why are those mouseovers when you have to click the dropdowns at the top?
    - The colour overall. It's SO bright. The website as a whole is almost blinding.
    - I understand that there is a lot of information there, but it's so very, very busy. Look at Lowes or Walmart or even Newegg for a cleaner look. They all have a ton of products. You don't have to try and show a bit of everything on the front page.
    - The landing page wants visitors to scroll horizontally in certain sections, but you can't get to the buttons unless the screen is in exactly the correct place due to the pullouts on the right side that cover the buttons.
    - The biggest thing: the site isn't responsive. Expecting people to only use your site on a handheld device if they've downloaded your app is cutting yourself short in terms of traffic. And it incurs a Google hit.

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    Good website but home page is very crowded. Anyhow the design of your site is nice.

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    I love the color combination even though that yellow was a bit hard on the eye and I actually had to squint the first time I looked at it..wonder if there is a softer shade of yellow you could try instead of what you currently have. Also the site is overwhelming because it has too much going on at the same time, is there something you could delete?

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    Great Design. well organized. As per goole insight you website is 71% only. make it 80% +.

    Look https://developers.google.com/speed/...2F&tab=desktop

    Overall its easy navigation easy to operate. nice color combination. Good landing page of product.

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