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Thread: Should I pretend that I'm a company with a few people rather than one person?

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    Should I pretend that I'm a company with a few people rather than one person?

    I'm a freelancer but I want to register for Google+ Local and Google Maps, I don't want to give the public my home address but nor can I give them an office address because I don't have one.

    I've read in a book that you should register your business for Google+ Local and Google Maps but how can I do this when I don't want to give an address?

    Also, another problem I have. On my website I sometimes pretend that my business is more than one person so I write "at Codexx Website Design WE do this..." instead of "I do this", I don't want to give them the impression that I am a freelancer and don't have a team of web designers because the likelihood is they will go elsewhere, if they know you're just one person then they will expect that the job wont be done as fast and good as companies that have teams that do the designing.

    Should I just pretend that I am a company with quite a few people rather than one person?

    What should I do? Google sends a postcard to confirm where your business is but I don't want to register it at my house.

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    It is a very serious issue, if you plan to work alone, than there are many other ways to make your presence on Google, try those until you have a place to share as a business location for you work.

    And when you get the project didn't the client asked for the details of the number of employees work on it, how you handle them. And what when they want to meet you in person with your team? Are you trying to make a fake presentation of employees in front of your clients.

    There are many other Freelancers in the market, those are hiring other freelancers to do there work, though it is not as impact ful than an well-established office, but everyone has to start from bottom to reach on top.

    Don't fake yourself, it is not good for you and your reputation.

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