I'm trying to create forms using Frontpage. I've managed to create a form that a customer fills out, and I get the email results of that form. The problem I'm having is, the entire checkout process requires three separate forms, on three coinciding web pages which in turn sends three emails to my email account of which I cannot sort out as to which customer they belong to. To put it more simply, customer fills out form one, on page one of the checkout process, clicks submit (I get an email with the results), customer then gets hyperlinked to page two of the checkout process, I get email results from page 2, and so on..., with three emails form results, pairing them up is impossible.

I'm aware of IP registering, which essentially, from what I understand should show the customer's IP address in the form results that I receive through email so I can pair up the emails to the IP addresses.

How would I be able to set this up?

Thank you for your time.