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Thread: A question about quizes in a web site?

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    Red face A question about quizes in a web site?

    Hello everyone! I have to admit that I am not a web developer and know almost nothing about programming.
    That's why I will be very thankful if someone try to explain some things in common language.
    This is what I want to make: http://www.buzzfeed.com/perpetua/whi...e-band-are-you
    And I want the exact same quiz system - with the pictures.
    What I want to ask is -is it really that hard to make? A website with quizes like this. And admin panel, where the admin can create quizes with different pictures and text. And the most important - the option to share the result in facebook after you,ve taken the quiz.
    I ask that because I was already asked a really big amount of money from a web programmist for developing a quiz system like this.

    Also what programming languages it is written on?

    And isn't it possible to copy the code from their quizes?

    Sorry for my bad english and thank you in advance!

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    I have not looked at the example you gave, but even if I did, all I would see is the HTML. Something like that is probably written in PHP (or a similar server-side language), which generates the HTML on-the-fly. Which makes it more difficult to access the raw code.

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    if you have the whole game algorithm in mind then it isn't hard to realize a game like this.

    all what u need is a render logic to render the game view
    and a result algorith to make a summary of choosen options

    u can try to copy the code but the code is minified and pure javascript and initialised with an eval call - nearly impossible...Sisyphus work instead of flexibility

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