ok here is the problem code
the output here is the error message i have programmed for when the query doesn't work, i know all of my fields are getting posted and collected by the variables but it doesn't insert the fields, i can't seem to track down the problem here.

PHP Code:
if (isset($_POST['first_name'])
    && isset(
    && isset(
    && isset(
    && isset(
    && isset(
) {
$first_name get_post('first_name');
$last_Name get_post('last_Name');
$user_name get_post('user_name');
$user_pass get_post('user_pass');
$user_email get_post('user_email');
$mailing_address get_post('mailing_address');

$query "INSERT INTO users VALUES" "('','$first_name', '$last_Name', '$user_email', '$mailing_address', '$user_name', '$user_pass')";

    if (!
mysql_query("INSERT INTO users VALUES" "('','$first_name', '$last_Name', '$user_email', '$mailing_address', '$user_name', '$user_pass')"$db))
"INSERT failed: $query<br />" mysql_error() . "<br /><br />";