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Thread: how to Create, Save and Listen a Midi file in the site?

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    Question how to Create, Save and Listen a Midi file in the site?

    Hi everyone

    I looking for a tool that let the users of my website Create, Save and Listen a Midi file in the site.

    Is there an standard way to do it that I can modify?


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    I feel like this might be in the wrong section... but moving on. I think I'll start by saving that you aren't going to be creating or saving MIDI files with javascript. It's just not the language you'd want to use if you are dealing with files. Granted HTML5 has brought about some improvements in that department, it's still nowhere near being able to handle something like a MIDI file. I'd dig into PHP first as it's better suited for creating/saving files of various types.

    However, as far as playing MIDI files go, this could be done with the <embed> tag, or if you aren't worried about old IE users then you could use the <audio> tag. You'll get more functionality out of the <audio> tag and it can be fully controlled (for the most part) by javascript.
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