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Thread: Can a web builder tool do this?

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    Can a web builder tool do this?

    I'm new here and didn't know where else to put this. I'm interested in knowing if anyone here knows of a webbuilder tool like Wix or Network Solutions that can accomplish this:

    1. Allows me to create a new user registration, with login and password.
    2. Allows me to embed google maps (or other location app) so registered users can connect with other registered users nearby that have similar interested. IE: I login and want to search for people in my area that are interested in football.
    3. Allows users to either edit their profile or post an interest that other people can find by searching.

    I don't write HTML. I want something that's easy. Anyone know if this is possible?

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    I'm a member of a site called www.NextDoor.com

    It's basically a social media site for people in my neighborhood. (1,500 homes) I can also include 8 other neighborhoods...

    So yes, a social media type of site would do exactly what you are asking about.
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