Our team (a group of friends actually) want to create a website which, in terms of functionality and look, would be similar to Wikipedia. In the past, we have made some WP-based websites, but we feel this site is more complicated. We really want to know our options for getting this done.

So far, we have gotten some quotes from various people on Elance.com.

We would be grateful for your advice about how to get this type of website created, with the understanding that in the future, it will need to be modified, changed, improved, added to and so forth. We just want to get the website up and going and accomplishing our purpose, knowing that we will be working on it long term.

If you know any coders who want to assist us (we will pay), and/or if you want to be involved, please let us know. We want to have fun with this....We are open to anything, such as making it open source (we don't know the dynamics of that.)

Thank you for your willingness to help......