I am new to PHP and am doing a project for fun to get the hang of it, I decided to build a car listing website and got a majority of it working apart from the edit listing page

I know how to update the text fields so they update on the database but on the form will be a multiple image upload inputs and have it working when is a new listing but to be honest not sure where to start on updating/editing the multiple images in a existing mysql record

the way I did the new listing for the multiple images upload is I am storing the file name on the database and then gets moved to the server where the actual image is

There will be two images that their file names are uploaded onto the database the two images themselves in a private-listing-images folder on the server

To be honest am not sure where to start with building the edit listing php page

all I got so far is the following

PHP Code:

// Start a session for error reporting
$username $_SESSION['username'];

$title "Private Seller Listings Info";

include ( 
'includes/header.php' );

include ( 
'includes/connect-db.php' );

<?php include( 'includes/footer.php' ); ?>
Is anyone able to help and point me in the right direction to get going