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Thread: SEO of a blogger blog

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    SEO of a blogger blog

    Hi, all. i'm new to here, i've a blog in blogspot, and want to get enough visitors daily like 2000-3000, can i get it by doing only back link?


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    If you want to drive more visitors towards your blog then social media sites such as Twitter, Google+ and Facebook are the best for it. You can also create backlinks for generating traffic but social sites are more effective in terms of boosting your blog visitors.

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    Yes definitely, you can get even more visitors that you have mentioned, but there are many things that you have to taken care of. The list consists.

    1. Definitely the good content, that engages your reader.
    2. Request them to put their sugestions and it is up to you to acknowledge them regularyly.
    3. Manage Social Media sites like G+, FB, TWT, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, and if you have any.

    Also get your blog registered into Google Analytic, to get info about the pages, sources and the location from where the most trafiic is coming and try to target that in future.
    Arrange events, USE multimedia posts also, ask to get poll, make interactive as much as possible.

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    i recommend you to post blog with title How to, Top ten and other good content and collect emails ids. Always post quality and unique content and share on social sites. Do not go for links. try to create natural links.

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    You can get thousands of visitors it depends on how much power do you have to engage your viewers, and what attractive do you have to make them stay on your page for longer period of time, write content which is more engaging and specifically is for viewers and not for SEO.

    Hope it helped.
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