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Thread: How do I make my website appear like this on Google?

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    How do I make my website appear like this on Google?

    I've got my website appearing in the Google Search engines, but it's just a Header with a link and a small description. How do I make it appear like this website?


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    That's not something you can control really. It's something Google does automatically for top search results as long as your site is SEO friendly enough so it can pull those kinds of results.
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    You may be able influence this. Firstly, you may need to have a multi-page site with distinct sections linked by a menu on the home page. Then you can set up a sitemap. This can be created automatically, but it may help if you manually set the relative priorities to rank the pages that you want to appear:
    - Higher than the rest of the site (except for the home page). And...
    - Equal to each other.

    This does not guarantee a result, but it may help.

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    google will get that automatically you cannot do that anything .... just need to do some work for SEO...

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