Robot call Nino, or robot programmer.
I decided to post because I found a great initiative! Check it out:
To use it simply to have a purely html layout (you can use on your own website or purchase third-party choose between 50 000 models on the site Nino) have a domain and hosting (Nino provides 2 free) and give some instructions to the robot. You realize a register, customize your CMS according to your company (including logo), creates a database so easy and explained and ready!

In a few seconds your CMS will be ready because it was created by the robot. Enough then registering the content you want in the CMS and follow some instructions. You appear to your layout, where, when mousing over, blocks layout distinguished by color and by clicking on each one, you insert the content you want, already registered with CMS. This can be changed, preview, and other functions, and before you publish, then yes, you have a new site, with no change in your HTML.

Briefly, in minutes you have your customized design, with the design you want, do not need any more adapt to the CMS market, it changes a lot huh!

It seems like magic, but it is not! For this, you pay a small monthly fee and can still hold a free trial (they have layouts for testing) before signing any plan to see if you like.

Comes with domain, comodo ssl certificate, whoisguard, templates, consultants and analysts available to you, all free.

It is worthwhile to visit the site that has great content and various explanatory videos and perform the test. You'll find that in no time you will already be able to make your first site in minutes.

Access the link below and check out: