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Thread: how to get Quality Traffic from Yahoo! Question & Answers ?

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    how to get Quality Traffic from Yahoo! Question & Answers ?

    Please given the benefits from Yahoo! Question & Answers to get traffic .Its important for us.
    Explain with some examples.

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    Yahoo answers are best source to get huge traffic to your site.
    You can get that traffic by answering your niche question.

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    By posting your website's URL in yahoo answers source on the question that are related to your website niche.

    Yahoo Answers is one the best source for generating the traffic for a website.

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    Ya post your url in yahoo answers, it may increase your traffic

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    It may increase your traffic by giving a link going to your site, but you must always make sure that you are doing it right, it must be on the right topic and the questions on yahoo must be answered in a good way.
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