I have a client that is using an in house developed DB for all their ERP needs, everything from sales orders to accounts payable, from quotes to inventory management and everything in between.

This database was developed on the MS Access 97 platform and they still use Access 97 to work in it of course. After some conversations with them, this is what they want:

1. More robust database back-end that does not have to be compacted on a regular basis.
2. An easier way to deploy the database to employees than installing Access 97 on each machine, with the Access DB frontend.
3. A more efficient way to manage access control (making sure shipping sees what they need and financials sees what they need, etc.).
4. A way to work "offline" and sync when connected to the network, either in house or over VPN. This is for field sales team.
5. Ability to pull over all tables, reports, queries, etc. from the existing database

My idea is:
1. To to build a web application on their web server,
2. Make it accessible via "https" only
3. Make the web application accessible via internal IPs only
4. Somehow make the web application available "offline" for sales people and auto-sync when it detects the server address as available.
5. Give it the ability to import data via CSV, Excel, etc.

My question is does this sound like the right place to start and what advice do you have for moving the access db structure over to a new mySQL db? I am familiar with web design and development, I have worked with PHP and mySQL many times, just never had to work with Access 97 and mySQL.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Let me know what you need to know in order to point me in the right direction