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Thread: phpMailer SMTP Problem

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    phpMailer SMTP Problem

    Hi I am trying to use phpmailer smtp for some webform but can't get it to work. I use the below script and didn't get any error message but the emails were never received. The whole website is encrypted with SSL. Is there anything addition needed? Any help will be appreciated. thx.

    PHP Code:
                    $mail = new PHPMailer();
    $mail->SMTPAuth true;                              
    $mail->Host 'mail.domain.com';                 
    $mail->Port 25;                                    
    $mail->Username 'smtp@domain.com';               
    $mail->Password 'Password';   
    $mail->SetFrom($email$firstname " " $lastname);
    $mail->Subject  $subject;

    $mail->WordWrap 50;

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    Do you have error checking turned on?

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    Check to see if PHPMailer has anything to tell you. Instead of just calling send(), actually check to see if it worked:
    PHP Code:
    if($mail->Send() == false) {
    error_log("PHPMailer::Send() failed:".PHP_EOL.$mail->ErrorInfo);

    (Or die() instead of error_log() if you prefer for initial debugging.)
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