Hey everybody,

I got to a little experimenting and a little bit of talking with a support group for my theme for my website and I learned something cool today that I think would be useful for you, and whatever websites you design that can put a little separation from the rest of the pack.

So I learned how to make the menu tabs colored by adding this code (to your "custom css" or "stylesheet") as follows...

.menu-item-9 a { background-color: #15BEBD; }
.menu-item-10 a { background-color: #75BF00; }
.menu-item-13 a { background-color: #DD6600; }
.menu-item-23 a { background-color: #DD0000; }
.menu-item-105 a { background-color: #8A2BE2; }

Now these menu item numbers are based off of my website, so you have to find out yours!
And each menu item represents a tab, my website just happens to have 5, but if yours has 3 then only have 3 of the ".menu-item-"
I am sure you know how to find this information, but just in case you don't,
1. go to your homepage
2. view the pagesource
3. find out what your menu item numbers are.
4. Copy and paste the above code in your "Custom CSS" or "Stylesheet"
5. Change the ".menu-item-" to what number your menu item is.
6. And then change the background color to the color you want

And there you go! =D
Your tabs now are colored and looking fresh, and attracts people's eyes to them!