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Thread: What to do with the product pages which is no longer available?

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    What to do with the product pages which is no longer available?

    I have an e-commerce site and it is emerging so rapidly, but due to this i have to face the issues like, the product which i am affiliating will go out-of-stock very soon, what to do with these type of pages? Any suggestion please

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    I'd just change the status of the product out of stock on my website (maybe it become available again later), or refer to similar products on those pages so that those pages don't lose their natural search engine traffic (if they got any) and that's just to name a few ways ...

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    I think you got your answer which is the best one. If you can manually remove pages you can also do that but if you are getting traffic on those pages then deleting those pages would be bad for your website and for your clients as well.

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