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Thread: How Much Should Grammar Matter to Bloggers?

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    How Much Should Grammar Matter to Bloggers?

    Hey, 1 of my friend, how is not a part of SEO, but he loves to write new article and post, to make his online presence and share the new blogs, he is concerned that is "Grammar matters to bloggers or not", as it is stated that comments don't have "Grammar restriction" as it is user acknowledgement area, similarly Blogs are also for individuals, so is there any compulsion of "Grammar"?

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    Well, It depends on which region you are targeting? if your target region is UK, your English must be grammatically correct, but if your target region is a country whose native language is not English like France, grammar is not a big issue.

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    There's no such thing as Grammar Restriction, BUT, if you are really trying to convey clear information internationally, you should try to make your blog's grammar constructed with an acceptable grammar, know the basics - tenses, article usages, sentence construction and more.
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    Grammar does matter, but not as much as other facts like informative content, meaningful content and quality content.

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    I think "Grammar matters to bloggers", bloggers writes blog for user and if user finds too many grammar mistakes then he/she do not finds it pleasant.

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    Grammar always matters to bloggers in their content.

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