Hi. First post. I'm new to responsive coding. The following two grids each use the same bootstrap.min.css file but perform differently when you minimize the screen. I want to make the second one perform like the first. So, when minimizing, the elements should nicely wrap under each other and the element(s) width should increase to 100%.

In the second one, it seems the "@media (min-width: 992px)" is somehow being overidden. When the screen is under 992px the "float:left" and width percentage styles remain the same as if the screen is over 992px. But I don't know how to find EXACTLY where any overiding is done.

Any suggestions? Or perhaps better how do I diagnose for myself in the future. Firebug doesn't even show the @media query, and both firefox and chrome only reference bootstrap.min.css, though I'm figuring it must be getting written over in another file.