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Thread: Please review our Web Site Design site

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    Please review our Web Site Design site

    Dear All,

    Please review our website design and development site - DreamzTech Australia
    Suggestions are welcome.


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    Hi there,

    I'm just going to rattle off a few suggestions after taking a brief look around your site.
    In terms of responsive design it seems your nav needs a little adjustment. From about 1200 pixels down to 768 (just before the 'mobile' version kicks in) your nav breaks to two lines. And because it wasn't designed to do so the nav links on the second line are only partially clickable (looks like the bottom half gets covered by another element later in the page).

    On your homepage you are loading some images in a slider. The file sizes are 1.5Mb and 1.8Mb. Obviously this creates a noticable load time and is definitely something you want to avoid on any site. I'd suggest converting them to jpegs and trying to get the filesize down to at least 300 Kb (but honestly you should probably aim for no image higher than 100 Kb). I understand these are higher quality images that you are trying to maintain, however even cutting the filesize in half would be a drastic improvement (just by switching to jpeg most likely). Also, protip, if you must use png, I'd suggest using tinypng.com.

    Your services page appears to have some sort of slider/gallary on it however there are no images or content within the slider itself. Just seems a bit odd.

    Again, that was just a brief look at the site with a few suggestions that might help improve your site overall.
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    Thanks for your reply.

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